Bhaktapur Before And After The Earthquake
  • Most of the houses which were hundreds of years old were built with just brick and clay joints...
  • What about the camera???? Students from Datattraya School
  • An offering to the Gods....Bhaktapur is also known as the City of Devotees....
  • Kindergarten children with the wonderful Kanchi. at Datattraya School....
  • Same of the rubble will be recycled when the reconstruction of the houses starts
  • A lady trying to salvage something from the ruins of her home....
  • Will the temples ever be rebuilt?
  • Fetching water and catching up on the news
  • Cleaning up after the earthquake
  • Saved by the Gods , and with a little help from her grandfather.........
  • Destroyed building in Balakhu Ganesh, rebuilding will take several years
  • One of the hundreds of ornate temples in Bhaktapur, most of which were destroyed in the earthquake
  • Wrecked home hanging on streets, all of these houses will have to be demolished..
  • Miracles do happen....a baby is saved from the ruins of her home....
  • Here's looking at you Vidyarthi Niketan School's kindergarten
  • Music for the gods......
  • More than half of the houses in Bhaktapur have collapsed and many more will have to be demolished
  • Getting water from an artisan well....There are several hundreds of these wells in Bhaktapur...
  • Vidyarthi Niketan kindergarten
  • The families who lost their homes will be in temporary shelters for several years
  • Morning ritual of making the rounds of the temples,,,,,
  • Mobile phones are still ringing out from under the rubble...........
  • Warming old bones and pondering on the affairs of the day.....if they were women it would be called gossiping
  • Searching for their belongings..
  • An early morning glass of chia, the only way to start the day....
  • Our Beautiful Bhaktapur Durbar Square before earthquake
  • Where to start!!!
  • Buddhist Monks on their early morning alms round at Datattraya Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
  • How can the houses be rebuilt?
  • Students including some novice monks from a nearby Buddhist monastery outside Bal Sewak School..
  • The search for survivors, hoping for a miracle
  • Because of the scale of the destruction rebuilding the houses may take several years........
  • Fetching water is women's work, most of these wells which are hundreds od years old, were destroyed in the earthwuake
  • Traditional musicians playing at a street fastival
  • In a country where everything is done by hand, just clearing the rubble will be a major task
  • Devotinial music at Hanuman Ghat, the main cremation area in Bhaktapur
  • Aerial view after the earthquake
  • Collapsed Watshala Temple, It is estimated that up to 80% of the temples were destroyed
  • A view across the roof tops, with the Himalayas in the background......
  • Demolished area around temple mahalakshmisthan
  • Work and study.... many of the students also work to support their families and pay for their education
  • Walking the walk. In Nepal women do a lot of the heavy physical work......
  • Teaching traditional Nepalese dance, He doesn't look it, but that guy can really move......
  • Centuries of history destroyed in thirty seconds
  • Many hands make light work...Bhaktapur seasonal brick making industry, which employs thousands of families....
  • The power of nature
  • With the monsoon season approaching it's a race against time to provide shelters for these homeless families
  • Morning Worship, from as early as 4.00 am the worshipers start doing the rounds of their favorite temples
  • Searching for suvivors
  • School Mahendra Gram School, in village outside Bhaktapur...
  • Letting it rip......Changu Nayaran School anniversary celebrations..

Progress Till May 23 (Rehabilitaion of Earthquake Victims)

Progress Till Date : Funds Collected From Different organizations, clubs, individuals $4,126 (Rs. 4,16,767) 1) First Camp Site for temporary shelther has been decided at Bhaktapur Municipality ward No....
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With the monsoon season approaching it's a race against time to provide shelters for these homeless families

The cost for a temporary home for one of these families is just 650 dollars. Can you help?

ROTARY CLUB of BHAKTAPUR    Provide a Home for a Family for              650 Dollars             Dear fellow Rotarians,                                  ...
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Homes for the Earthquake Victims

Rotary Club of Bhaktapur has started to make temporary homes for the victims of earthquake in Bhaktapur Ward No. 12 & 14. We are in the 1st phase of designing the temporary homes. The estimated cost...
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Medical Equipment Donation Program

After the Health Camp Program conducted on 13 May, 2015 we handover the medical equipement of the medical team to Siddhi Smriti Hospital which is a charitable Hospital of Bhaktapur. We express our gratitude...
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Health Camp for Earthqauke Victim

                    The Health Camp was conducted successfully. We treated more than 250 locals by 5 Doctors from Inter Help and MSF, Germany. Volunteer...
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Earthquake Victims Relief Distribution

Our president Mr. Radhe Suwal and the team distributed tents (tripal) to the earthquake victims of Bhaktapur ward no. 2, 4,6 ,10, 12 , 14. We distributed 60 tents in that ward. Similarly we distributed...
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The 105th Rotary International Convention, Sydney.

Since 1910, Rotarians have gathered annually to get together and connect with Rotarians from across the world and share their expertise, experiences and to connect with a wider network so that they could...
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Rotary Club of Bhaktapur in 4th District Conference 2012, Biratnagar.

Rotary Club of Bhaktapur Members Participating in 4th District Conference 2012 in Biratnagar held from 5-7 Jan. More than 700 Rotarians across  Nepal were in the inauguration ceremony  made...
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RC Bhaktapur welcomed District Governer

Bhaktapur 20 Dec.2011 -The honorary District Governer of 3292  Rtn. Basudev Golyan paid a cordial visit to Rotary Club of Bhaktapur on 10th December 2011 accompanied by District Secretary...
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