Rotary Club of Bhaktapur, 4th Club Assembly,17th June 2011 Friday

Club Activities Report

Tree Plantation Program (7th August 2010)

Rotary Club of Bhaktapur in association with Lions Club of Bhaktapur, Suryavinayak planted around 200 diverse plants in Mahakali area in the graceful presence of distinguished guests, AG Chinta Mani Bhattarai, IPP Rtn. Kedar Bhakta Shrestha of RC Patan and President Elect of RC Patan Inner Wheel,Shanta Shrestha.

Joint Installation Ceremony (28th August 2010)

A Joint Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club of Bhaktapur, Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and Rotaract Club of Fulbari was organized in Hotel Sweet Home in the presence of District Governer Rtn. Tirtha Man Shakya as a chief guest.  It was 6th , 4th and 1st Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club of Bhaktapur, Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and Rotaract Club of Fulbari respectively.

Scholarship Distribution (28th August 2010)

In the very Installation Ceremony, three meritorious students of Mathurapati Secondary School Mr. Dinesh Humagain (Forestry), Mr. Ram Chandra Satyal (Veterinary Doctor) and Mr. Prakash Kuinkel (Homeopathy) were awarded the scholarship amount rupees 45,000 each.  The scholarship amount was received from Rotary Club of Gananak.

COTs Program (21st August 2010)

Club Officer’s Training was held with an aim to enhance the services of Rotary in the community, extend relationship with other organizations, management of the club and membership growth. The training was chaired by the president of Rotary Club of Bhaktapur, Rtn. Krishna Pd. Awal where as AG Chinta Mani Bhattarai, District Secretary Rtn. Dilendra Shrestha, District Trainer Rtn. Rajesh Thapa and Assistant Trainer Rtn. Rajan Bdr. Raut were the trainers and 21 rotarians from RC Bhaktapur and RC Dhulikhel were the trainees.

Diabetic Camp and Rally (14th November 2010)

On world Diabetes Day, RC Bhaktapur  organized rally and Diabetes Camp with the collaboration of Lions Club of Suryavinayak, Lions Club of Araniko, Lions Club of Bhadgaun, lions Club of Kedareshor and Mahila Aadarsha Sewa Kendra at Durbar Square of Bhaktapur.

Crystal Bag Weaving Training (6th March 2011)

In the coordination of President Elect Rtn. Krishneshwori Hada, RC Bhaktapur organized 15 days Crystal Bag Weaving Training in association with Lions Club of  Bhadgaun, Bhaktapur, Lions Club of Araniko, Bhaktapur and Barahi Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited. 14 trainees were trained by the trainer Miss Pramila Shrestha.

Women's Day Program (9th March 2011)

Women who made outstanding contribution in the development of different sectors in Bhaktapur district were recognized and felicitated in a program held on the occasion of Women’s Day after the morning procession. This was a joint venture of government offices and RC Bhaktapur.

School Uniform Distribution (24th November 2010)

Honorary Member of RC Bhaktapur Rtn. Jorg Bahr took part in School Uniform Distribution program in Saraswati School in Seepadole. In his initiation the amount was collected to help the needy and meritorious students of the school. RC Bhaktapur is closely involved in the development and maintenance of Saraswati School.

Ghar Sita Mutu Orphanage Safe Home (26th February 2011)

RC Bhaktapur in collaboration with RC Corning, New York signed in a matching grant paper. Club has aimed to arrange the necessary equipments and human resources to ensure security in the home.

Ghar Sita Mutu is a charity that provides a home for abandoned children, a training center for destitute women, and an outreach program for needy families in Kathmandu, Nepal. This non-profit, NGO (Non-Govern-mental Organization) was founded by Beverly Bronson in 2001, when she found two children, Krishna and Babu aged five and two, huddled in front of a tin hut after being abandoned by their mother.

School Building Construction of Saraswoti Pre-primary School

Honorary Member of RC Bhaktapur, Rtn. Jorg Bhar has been keenly interested in the development of Saraswati School of Pativanjyang, Seepadole. For this, he is investing his continuous labor. The project is in the final state.

School Building Construction of Janalar Primary School (26th February 2011)

On 12 March 2011, Rotarians from RC Bhaktapur went to witness the progress of school building construction in Lisankhu, Kavre.  RC Bhaktapur is coordinating for the construction of the school building and developing other required infrastructures for the school where as Rotary Club of Lethbridge, Canada is supporting financially. Till date 21,98,059  rupees has been received for the construction of  Janalahar Primary School.

Scholarship Distribution 27th May 2011

Following students of Mathurapati Secondary School were handed the scholarship amount by the Rotarians of RC Bhaktapur for their further studies. The amount was received from RC Gananak.

1. Shanti Tamang                    Rs. 45000.00

2. Prakash Sapkota                  Rs. 7500.00

3. Pratima Satyal                       Rs. 7500.00

4. Ramesh Yadav                      Rs. 7500.00

5. Nisha Tamang                      Rs. 7500.00

6. Anju Tamang                         Rs. 7500.00

7. Santosh Bolakhe                 Rs. 7500.00

8. Srijana Tamang                   Rs. 7500.00

9. Sumitra Pyakurel                 Rs. 7500.00

10. Devaki Bhattarai               Rs. 7500.00

Membership Growth

The number of members in RC Bhaktapur is ascending. There were 23 members in the rotary year 2009/2010. Two new members made it 25. They were – Rtn. Ganga Awal and Rtn. Kiran Thapa.

National Polio Eradicate Program

Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur with their parent club RC Bhaktapur took part in National Polio Eradication Program on 11th February and 12th March 2011.


Public Relation Director Rtn. Matina and Secretary Rtn. Om Krishna Shrestha were bidden farewell by other members in the club on 29th September 2010 and 2nd April 2011 respectively. Rtn. Matina went to Japan for her studies and Rtn. Om Krishna Shrestha went to USA for his special visit.

Club Assembly



Subject on




24th July 2010

Discussed on the successful and effective functioning of club, membership growth and several other projects of the club.

Hotel Sweet Home

AG Rtn. Chinta Mani Bhattarai


4th September 2010

Short review on the Joint Installation Ceremony and  Five Avenues Director presented their reports.  Besides a short discussion was held for the DG Visit.

Hotel Sweet Home



18th September 2010

  The reporting  of club activities  was done in DG Visit.

Hotel Sweet Home

DG Rtn. Tirtha Man Shakya

AG Rtn. Chinta Mani Bhattarai

Talk Program




7th August 2010

Experience Sharing

Rtn. Kedar Bhakta Shrestha

IPP RC Patan

2nd October 2010

Meeting Management

Rtn. Krishneswori Hada

4th February 2011

Cancer Awareness

Dr. Rajendra Baral

4th June 2011

Tourism and Environment

Mr. Karna Shakya

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Rtn. Patricia Perkius

Willow Creek RC



Rtn. Dr. Hartmut Moehring

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Beuerly Bronson

Ghar Sita Mutu

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